addicted to apps

I am just crazy about my iPhone and even crazier about the appstore. I find myself looking at the apps...starting with the free ones...then the 99 cent ones...then what the heck it is only $8.99. Here are my favorites (both paid and free)...
  1. Koi Pond - a little zen fish pond in my hand
  2. Facebook - easy to use access to another addiction
  3. Shazam - listens to any recorded song and tells me what it is (how does that work?)
  4. reMovem - easy game of strategy
  5. IQ Boost - a game based on dual n-back exercise - read the article in Wired!
  6. INeedStuff - a georeferenced shopping list
If these things aren't enough reason to love an iPhone then I don't know what to tell you.

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