John, John, John (shaking head)....

I try not to let this blog be a political blog (OK, I don't try very hard), but I can't let the appointment of Sarah Palin as John McCain's VP pick go by without a comment. Sheesh, John, what were you thinking???? I can't believe anyone would actually be sucked into this ploy...but I listen to the coverage of the Republican circus going on in Minneapolis and sure enough people are "energized" and "excited" by this choice. OMG, I can't believe it.

I read a post on another blog entitled Barefoot and Pregnant in the West Wing that sums up my sentiments. This whole fiasco of a choice has allowed my favorite candidate, Senator Obama, to take the high road. Yay for him. At the same time his staffers and campaign workers must have been high fiving it when the choice was announced.

I think that we can't afford to make many assumptions though about the American electorate. Remember, dear readers, who got elected to the highest office....twice.

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