meeting up with old friends

I never thought of myself as a Facebook kind of person. Well, think again...I am now a Facebook addict. I talked to my favorite daughter Gemma last night and when asked what she was up to she replied, "looking at Facebook, thank you very much!" I am now being blamed for getting her hooked on Facebook.

I have had an account for a few months and didn't really think much of it. I was procrastinating doing something else over the weekend (and we were snowed in) and I started fiddling with my Facebook page. I sent invites to people in my address book and OMG I had lots of people make me their friends. One thing leads to another and BAM! I am Facebook crazy.

OK, I know this is old news to lots of you, but for me this has been a great way to connect to old friends. Gemma said she is reconnecting with friends from high school and college. The whole experience has been warm and fuzzy (although time consuming) so far. And great for procrastination!


Sarah Glassmeyer said...

I love the Facebook. LOVE IT.

Beth said...

Hold that thought, Mary! We'll be looking at Facebook, Myspace and related sites in the next Blue 2.0 module. (BTW, thanks for the friend request! I'm a bit of a Facebook addict myself these days.)