Catching up...

OMG, it has been almost a month since I last posted. I have been really busy with a lot of projects and ideas brewing, visiting friends, enjoying family, getting ready to go to India, etc., etc, etc. Almost all of it good but time consuming in a good way.

I have been thinking about and planning for the trip to Manipur. I am participating with a research team to go work with some very old manuscripts that are endangered both physically and intellectually. I will write more about this project here as it develops. I have a camera that I am learning to use so we can take some really good photographs of the manuscripts. At the same time I hope to document our trip with photos and post them here and on Flikr. OK, so now I need to figure out more features of the camera. It will take video, too so maybe I can experiment with that. It will be good subject matter - I hope I can do it justice.

A little about Manipur. It is in northeastern India bounded by 3 Indian states and the country of Myanmar. It is definitely not on the tourist circuit as special permission is required to go there. We are flying to New Delhi from Lexington via Newark. We will stop over in New Delhi and then will continue on to Imphal.

The team going includes Somi Roy, a flimmaker who is from Manipur; Evelyn Knight from the UK Appalachian Center, Becky Ryder, my colleague in Preservation and Digital Programs, Rachel Roberts from the British Library, Alex Gardner from the Rubin Foundation, and me. There are more people involved in the project, but they are not going on this initial visit. It will be interesting and hopefully these manuscripts can be documented and saved.

More soon...

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