On the radio....

I am going to be on the Gayle King Show today at 8, 2, and 8 EST on Oprah and Friends Radio on XM Channel 156. I listen to this show everyday on the way into work. Gayle is Oprah's best friend and I can see why. She is funny, smart, and articulate. Anyway, a couple of days ago she was talking about getting a free agenda book from American Express. I called and left a message that I think she should read the fine print because I think she is getting charged for that "free" book. The producers called me and asked if I could talk to Gayle on air about this.

Yesterday they called ma and had me listen to Gayle's monologue before making my comments. In her monologue she was talking about Barack Obama's trip abroad. After the monologue the producer came on and asked if I had any comment about Gayle's monologue before making my comment about the agenda book. What a bonus! I love all things Barack.

My comments about Barack and his speech in Germany was that it is about time when we can be really proud of the person representing Americans abroad. He appears presidential on the world stage. The citizens of Berlin can see it - I hope the electorate of the US can as well. It's about time.


18 said...

Way to go! Wish I could listen but.... you're description was very good nonetheless. But tell us - how did the final version go?

Mary Molinaro said...

It went well. I did not embarrass myself!