The Holiday Hotel

Our hotel here in  Jingdezhen is called the Holiday Hotel....not to be mistaken with the Holiday Inn.  It is brand new.  In fact last June when Joe was here it wasn't even started.  I would not exactly call it finished.  The room where we are staying is more or less finished, but there are big parts of the hotel that are still under construction.  Certificate of Occupancy?   We don't need no stinkin' C.O.!  

We are on the top floor with a great view.  That part is great.  The weird thing is that the wall that separates our room from the adjoining room doesn't quite reach the front wall so there is a 4 inch (or so) gap.  You can't see through to the adjoining room, but you can sure hear!  When the guy staying next door turned on his TV late at night it was like it was in our room.  He also smokes and I was convinced he was blowing smoke through the gap.  I woke up on the night smelling smoke and then was worried that this guy (dubbed Smelly Greasy Guy) was smoking in bed.  It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe this as people smoke everywhere here.  

SGG checked out today so perhaps no one will be in there tonight.  

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